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Most wanted

Simple service for news junckies.
1. Nachrichten
2. Web & Design
3. Heise
4. Music etc.

Easy Reading Webpages

Reading anything on the Internet has become a nightmare. In response to all this madness, arc90 Labs like to introduce Readability, it's a browser bookmarklet.
Watch this Vodcast about Readability or you can install Readability by visiting the Readability setup page.

Data Visualizations

Labs @ Digg.com provide a deeper view of Digg. A lot of stuff gets submitted to Digg, so good things can sometimes fly right past you.
Labs projects look beneath the surface of the Digg community's activities.

Change your Point of View

Focus on different Views and explore how this make fetching Information as easy as can be.

Wordcloud from 7 Feeds

1950s ADDAC Ableton Acid Adapt After Akai AmpliTube Analogue Announces Apple Assembly Atari Audio AudioThing Awards Basketball Beatles Befaco Berries Bidding Bjooks Blinding Blue Bose Boston Bottle Brass Broadcast Broadcasting COVID CRAS Camps Campus Channel Choir Christian Clark Cobalt Codec Compact Companies Connected Creep Crisis Croce DJMag Dance Danley Darling Design Devices Dials Digigram Downloader Downtown Drive Drums Drunken Elastik Electronics Elektron Elektronik Emmaus Employ Engineering Equipment Erica Eurorack Expert Firmware Football Friday From Fuga Gets Gold Grad Hainbach Half History Home Horn IQYOA Immensely Inspire Installs Instrumente Instruments Interviews Iran Jericho Jett Joan Journey KORG Koma LEGO LINK Labs Later Leersaiten LeoMakes Less Life Lights Links Live Locker Logic Looks Madrona Magma Major Make Mark Materials Media Micro Microphones Modal Mode Module Moon Much Multimedia Music Musicians Mutable NOISEWORKS News Niche Notation Oberheim Offers Omnibus Online Operations Orchester Osmose Other Over Overcome Parts PatchWork Paula Performances Petula Pico Platinum Plug Podcast Poly Pony PreSonus Presonus Printed Professional Progress Quality Radiohead Real Records Register Reinforcement Releases Reputation Responds Resume Review Rise Room Sailor Saxofon School Select Shall Shows Silicon Smode Software Solid Song SongWriter Sonic Sound Springs Stadium State Stay Steinberg Strings Strip Studio Successful Switches Synth Synths System TALK TONEX Tabs Teenage Terror Test Texas Than That These Time Today Tonh Training Tune Tutorial Ueberschall UkeTube Unreal Unveils Update Upgrades Vinyl Virtual WHDH Water Weeknd Weight Were What While Wide Wood Written Yards Your 2020 2023 2600